Ricardo Sánchez Sotres

odrakir at gmail


I'm a mobile sofware engineer. I've been developing iOS apps for 8 years. I love Swift, functional programming, clean code and cool interfaces. Currently I work at Toggl where I'm developing an app called Superday. I have a Twitter account, where you can contact me. You can also check my CV at StackOverflow or LinkedIn and some of my code at GitHub. If you are up for some technical reading, I've written a couple of things in Medium as well.


Cross platform app
Time tracking application developed in Xamarin and C# for both Android and iOS. I mainly worked in the iOS and common parts of the codebase.

iPhone app
Superday tracks your daily activities automatically by analyzing and learning from data from your Phone's movement and location.

iPad app
This is a video magazine app targeted to women with breast cancer. It can be used eihter horizontally, where you can see videos of other women telling their experiences, or vertically as a magazine. It mixes videos with HTML 5 animations

iPad app
This was my very first app. I developed it in order to lear iOS development, and it still is a piece of work I'm proud of. It uses OpenGL to render a mesh of triangles with the colors of the image underneath.

The Circle of Health
iPad and iPhone app
This is an app done to promote cardiovascular health. I designed the UX and developed the whole UI. It includes some informational sections together with some tracking tools to help the users improve their cardiovascular health.

n by Jorge Drexler
Flash prototypes for iOS and Android apps
Three interactive songs by the Uruguayan oscar winner singer-songwriter Jorge Drexler. My task was to work with Drexler to come up with the UX and develop prototypes for all the songs for the iOS and Android teams to base their work on.

iPad and iPhone app
This app is targeted to medicine students who want to reinforce their knowledge of dermatological pathologies as well as helping doctor identify and track pathologies

iPad prototypes
Three games for kids with learning disabilities developed using Sprite Kit. It also features a tutor login where the tutor can track the kids' progress and taylor the game to their needs.